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The different layers of a thermal transfer ribbon

Our wax/resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons consist of 4 unique film layers that are optimized for use on both flat head and near edge printers.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Structure

Back Protection

This layer protects the base PET film and the thermal print head, reduces static electricity issues, and improves ribbon passage in the printer

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Structure

PET Base Film

The base film is used for the ink and back layer coating. It allows the heat transfer from the thermal print head to the ink.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Structure

Release Layer

This layer helps the ink to be removed from the base film, even at a low temperature.

Thermal Base Paper

Ink Layer

Made of wax/ resin or resin, this layer is transferred to the receiving material during printing. It generates the image. Its composition determines the heat, abrasion, and solvent resistance properties of the ribbon.