On-time delivery is too valuable to risk. Ricoh’s direct thermal products are always reliable.

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When it comes to package handling and delivery, customers expect 100% accuracy! Ricoh’s thermal media RSolutions for the courier business are designed to consistently outperform.

From warehouse to transportation to final delivery, the label maintains high scannability, and reliable adhesion for accurate package traceability. Ricoh’s diverse product line provides a variety of labeling options that are well-proven in the field and will meet or exceed your customer’s / your expectations.

Ricoh’s RSolutions for courier applications are well-proven in the field. Contact your Ricoh sales representative for more information or send us an email at [email protected].

Direct Thermal Printing

The image is produced by selectively heating the thermal paper as it passes over the thermal print head. The specialized coating on the paper will turn dark where heat has been applied, thus producing an image.

Product Highlights

Performance Characteristics


Spec Sheet

Standard top-coated direct thermal paper
Multi-Application Product
Face caliper: 3.2 mil (81µm)

High sensitivity
Medium-high image resolution
Strong image preservation
Prints at high speeds
Strong resistance to plasticizers


Spec Sheet

Medium sensitivity top coated direct
thermal label stock
For Near-IR scanning applications
Face caliper: 3.2 mil (81µm)

Heat resistant
Good image resolution
Moderate image preservation
Near Infrared readability up to 670nm