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Ricoh’s active worldwide R&D centers allow us to leverage technical expertise to meet the ever-changing demands of markets. It allows Ricoh to develop new products in anticipation of our customer’s needs.

While global R&D gives us the resources to provide the highest level of support, it is our local offices that allow us to support our customers directly on location. Ricoh is your RSolution provider for many markets and applications.

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Ricoh’s Advantages


One of Ricoh’s key market advantages is our “Total Value Integration Structure”, which provides total end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Ricoh’s promise of quality and total solution excellence begins with our focus on product innovation…

SuperMicroBall Technology


Most people don’t think about the impact that labels have on their lives. But if you take a closer look, you’ll realize that products like Ricoh’s direct thermal labels are seamlessly integrated into our lives every single day…from shipping to healthcare to retail and beyond.

That’s why Ricoh developed the SuperMicroBall technology.

A powerful innovation in direct thermal labels.

Patented Run-a-Splice® Technology

Patented Run-a-Splice

Ricoh’s patented Run-a-Splice technology makes the direct thermal label converting process more efficient. This technology eliminates the need to remove splice tape from finished goods to help improve operational efficiency.


Trimless Roll-4-U® options let you take control of what you need while saving you money!


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