Food Weigh Scale

Food Weigh Scale

Ricoh has the right products for weigh scale needs. Get Ricoh’s just-right fit.

  • Bakery Labels
  • Deli Labels
  • Meat/Fish Labels

Finding the right label for your application is what Ricoh is all about. Each segment / application has its own unique challenges, and finding the right label to fit your needs means you are never overbuying.

Ricoh has a portfolio of direct thermal media products that are uniquely designed to work well for food weigh scale, but not over performing so you don’t pay for more than you need.

Labels used in this application need only perform from application until the customer scans their product at checkout. Our products are perfectly designed to meet this application – right fit, always!

Ricoh has well-proven field performance products for the Food Weigh Scale Application. Contact your Ricoh sales representative for more information or send us an email at [email protected].

Direct Thermal Printing

The image is produced by selectively heating the thermal paper as it passes over the thermal print head. The specialized coating on the paper will turn dark where heat has been applied, thus producing an image.

Product Highlights

Performance Characteristics


Spec Sheet

Standard top-coated direct thermal paper
Multi-Application Product
Face caliper: 3.2 mil (81µm)

High sensitivity
Medium-high image resolution
Strong image preservation
Prints at high speeds
Strong resistance to plasticizers


Spec Sheet

Premium top-coated direct thermal paper
Excellent image resolution and superior barcode reliability
Face caliper: 3.0 mil (77µm)

High sensitivity
Highest heat resistance
Superb head-matching performance
Ideal for high-speed printing