Date Coding

Date Coding

Clear and legible is what keeps your products moving. You can depend on Ricoh’s ribbons.

Ribbons specifically designed for

  • Date Coding
  • Nylon Bags
  • Drum Label
  • Car Batteries
  • Manufacturing Process and more…

Ricoh’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons have a wide variety of uses for date coding requirements. With resin and wax-resin based options to choose from, you’ll achieve an outstanding scratch, chemical and heat resistance image on a wide variety of receiving materials.

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Product Highlights

Performance Characteristics


Spec Sheet

Wax-Resin Smearless
Designed for Flat Head Printers

All-purpose wax/resin TTR
Prints on wide variety of media
High resistance to smearing & chemicals
Reliable, sharp-edge print quality
Maximizes barcode scanning rates
Minimizes static electricity & ink flaking problems


Spec Sheet

Specialty Resin
Designed for Flat Head Printers

Prints up to 10 ips
Excellent when printing on general wrapping polypropylene
Superior resistance to oils and water and preservability in cold storage environments
High sensitivity which can be used for high-speed printers
Excellent image quality


Spec Sheet

General Purpose Resin
Designed for Flat Head Printers

General Purpose Resin TTR
Prints on a wide variety of media including PP, Pet, and Coated Papers
Resistant to scratches, smears, and various chemicals
Helps improve work efficiency through reduced TTR changes based on label material


Spec Sheet

Specialty Resin for Textile
Designed for Flat Head Printers

Printable on receiving cloths (nylon, polyester and acetate) and films
Super smear resistance up to 150°C (302°F); no blurring of image occurs from ironing
Print images are highly durable against water and dry cleaning
Superior thermal head matching qualities using Ricoh’s unique back-side coating