Customer Benefits

In the logistics industry, it has been necessary to attach a paper label on which the shipping address and delivery requirements are printed to a returnable box such as a plastic container, and to change the label each time it is used. The Ricoh Rewritable Laser System utilizes a dedicated label that can be rewritten repeatedly at high speed while it is still attached to the returnable box, eliminating the need for label replacement work and label disposal work after use, improving work efficiency and reducing the environmental burden at the same time.


In addition, this label has high durability that allows it to be used for a long period of time even under the harsh outdoor conditions required by the logistics industry. Furthermore, it is also characterized by highly visible printing, which not only enables clear printing of characters and numbers, but also ensures high print quality for images such as barcodes and QR codes that are necessary for management.

Reduction in Waste and Emissions

Ricoh Rewritable Laser System achieves significant reduction in waste and emissions

Reduce mission

System Configuration Examples

Configuration example

Application Example 1: Warehouse

Application example 1

Application Example 2: Manufacturing

Application example 2

Different Levels of Value

Different Levels of Value