Laser Rewritable Labeling System

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The Laser Rewritable Labeling System

Realize labor cost savings with improved operational efficiency when using a fully automated relabeling process that increase sustainability with reduced waste. Conventional labeling requires labels to be disposed as information is updated. The Laser Rewritable Labeling System makes both human- and machine-readable real time information rewritten and erased up to 1,000 times without removing the label.


We built our system by listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations and wishes for our product. At Ricoh Electronics, we know how to analyze this information and customize the Laser Rewritable Labeling System to integrate this automation process to your needs. Join our growing customer base? Contact us to learn more about the Laser Rewritable Laser System.


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Ricoh Laser Rewritable Labeling System

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Markets and Applications

This technology makes it possible that labels pre-applied on the plastic tote to be printed, erased, and reprinted. It will be done in seconds with no human hands involved. You can print human-readable information as well as barcode/2-D code. The rewritable labels are designed to withstand approximately 1,000 times of print/erase cycles, and to be used both indoor and outdoor applications. This system will realize fully automated, labor-saving labeling process, and sustainability benefits by eliminating paper base labels to distribution centers, manufacturing plants and food distribution cycles.

Markets and Applications