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Products - Thermal Media

Ricoh thermal paper and thermal film products are widely recognized for their high heat resistance, long durability and superior image quality. Our thermal products are designed for a variety of applications.

The unique components of thermal paper involve several layers of specialized chemicals that give the paper unique thermo-sensitive properties. The image appears when heat is applied using a thermal printer. Ricoh’s thermal product quality is extremely durable and sharp, resulting in superb image density that is element resistant with outstanding scannability.

Ricoh Thermal Media Products–
Ensuring your thermal image solutions are reliably sharp!

Thermal Media products

Direct Thermal

Direct Thermal

Ricoh’s superior top-coated direct thermal (DT) papers and synthetic products are designed to provide customers with proven reliability in meeting today’s demanding requirements in a variety of industries.

Ricoh’s direct thermal paper products are extremely well-suited for industrial, automotive, warehouse, meat processing, healthcare, and courier service industries as well as a wide variety of other high-demand uses. Ricoh’s direct thermal (DT) products are designed to withstand a multitude of harsh environmental elements resulting in a long-lasting, clean print image. All Ricoh direct thermal products are BPA free.

Thermal Transfer

Direct Thermal

Ricoh’s wide range of wax/resin and resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) products is highly desired by customers. Our advanced TTR technology is designed to meet the highest standards to help convey information more clearly and accurately. Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) produce an image by selectively heating the ribbon and transferring the substance onto the desired surface. The print image is heat resistant, solvent resistant, and resists scratching, abrasion, rubbing, or other environmental conditions providing a long-lasting durable print image.

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