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Questions & Answers

1. How many people are employed by Ricoh Electronics, Inc.?
Over 800 people are employed in California and Georgia.

2. Is Ricoh Electronics, Inc. a publicly-held company in the United States?
No, however, Ricoh Company, Ltd. is publicly-held in Japan.

3. Who is Ricoh Electronics, Inc.'s parent company?
Ricoh Company, Ltd. in Japan.

4. Who is the president of Ricoh Electronics, Inc.?
Mr. Jeffrey Briwick.

5. Is Ricoh Electronics, Inc. ISO 9000 certified?
Yes, all manufacturing divisions within Ricoh Electronics, Inc. are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

6. Which copier models are currently manufactured at Ricoh Electronics, Inc.?
The Aficio MP 6002 / 7502 / 9002 series.

7. Does Ricoh Electronics, Inc. supply the entire worldwide market for the Aficio 6000 models?
No, these models are also manufactured in Japan at the Tohoku plant.

8. Are all the copiers manufactured at Ricoh Electronics, Inc. sold within the Americas?

9. If I have a survey or questionnaire regarding thermal products, how do I get the answers to my questions?
Please forward all questionnaires to: Sales Department Attn: Customer Service, Thermal Media Group, Ricoh Electronics, Inc.

10. What if I have a thermal media product claim?
Call your salesperson or call 1(800) 843-7058.

11. Are thermal media products recyclable?

12. Is toner carcinogenic?
No, toner is not carcinogenic.

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