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Direct Thermal Media

By Application

Ricoh direct thermal (DT) products are designed to meet today’s demanding applications. The reliably sharp image quality and material resistance to many environmental elements attract customers to our products. Our customers recognize that Ricoh’s direct thermal product will produce outstanding barcode images and meet the variable printing requirements in a wide variety of industries.

Direct Thermal by Application Download DT Products PDF Meat Processing Grocery Store Food & Scale Label Courier Shipping Industrial Warehouse and Manufacturing Healthcare Wristbands Laboratory Labels Airline Baggage Tags Shelf Tags


Wristband applications are used for patient and customer identification for barcode (ladder and 2D) and variable printing bands. Wristbands are used in hospitals, clinics, concerts, theme parks, water parks, events, etc.

Wristbands 140LES 135WRx-2 135WRx-60 140LDS

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