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Conversion Tool

Easy-to-Use Tools

Ricoh provides these easy-to-use tools to calculate a variety of solutions regarding your thermal paper.

Name How it is used.
MSI Converter Tool Determine MSI and m2 based on the known roll width, roll length and the number of rolls.
Roll Length Calculator Determine the roll length based on the known roll width, core diameter and roll diameter.
MSI on Converted Roll Determine MSI and m2 on a converted roll of paper.
Roll Diameter Calculator Find the size of a roll by using this convenient roll diameter calculator.
Roll Weight Calculator Find the weight of a roll by using this convenient roll weight calculator.

MSI on Converted Roll

Enter the label width, label length, number of rolls and number of labels. Click calculate for results.

  #1 Input label width     in inches
  #2 Input label length     in inches
  #3 Input number of rolls     each
  #4 Input number of labels     each
  Result     MSI

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