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2010 to Present

November 2, 2011 Ground-breaking on E-6 coater project at the Georgia plant
February 9, 2011 Solar energy system grand opening ceremony
January 12, 2011 Generation of solar energy begins at Tustin #1
December, 2010 Irvine operation moves to Tustin
May 2010 Injection molding operations begin at Tustin #2
February 2010 Toner cartridge recycling operation moves from Tustin #2 to Tustin #1

2000 to 2009

August 2009 California toner operations cease.
April 2009 Copier production moves to Tustin #2.
May 2008 The 750,000th unit was configured in Configure to Order production.
October 2007 Imaging Systems Production Center takes on new configuration and direct shipment business.
May 2007 Super Configuration Center expands at Tustin #3; Ricoh begins occupying the entire Tustin #3 building.
April 2007 Georgia plant named 2007 Manufacturer of the Year by the state of Georgia in the medium-size company category.

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. receives recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at the ninth annual Environmental Awards Ceremony in San Francisco.

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. launches MICR toner product.
March 2007 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. successfully upgraded Information Security Management System certification for all sites to be ISO27001 compliant.
October 2006 Thermal Media Group receives Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc. award for Environmental Leadership for the Run-A-SpliceTM product.
January 2006 Thermal Re-Writable Media sales exceed $1 million making Ricoh Electronics, Inc. the first and only Ricoh subsidiary to achieve this milestone with the thermal re-writable media.
October 2005 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. becomes Ricoh Group's first western operation certified to BS-7799.
February 2004 Customer configuration operations move to Tustin #3.
February 2004 Customer configuration grand opening at Tustin #3.
August 2003 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. awarded Foreign Trade Zone status.
May June 2003 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. becomes certified member of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.
May 2003 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. is awarded the Ethics in America Award winner by the Tustin Chamber of Commerce.
May 2003 Ricoh Group receives World Environment Center Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development.
May 2003 Stinger AIO recycling starts.
March 2003 Thermal transfer ribbon operation moves to Santa Ana #1.
March 2003 All "key suppliers" certified to Ricoh's Green Procurement standards.
February 2003 Model U printer mass production starts.
November 2002 T300 CTM mass production turnover begins at Ricoh Industrial de Mexico.
October 2002 The Georgia plant and Office Machine Group are accepted into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track.
July 2002 Office Machine Group certified to ISO 9001:2000.
June 2002 Office Machine Group begins manufacturing Aficio 1060 and Aficio 1075.
March 2002 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. receives Award for Excellence in Corporate Community Service citation from the Points of Light Foundation.
February 2002 Reprographic Supply Group and Thermal Media Group are accepted into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track.
December 2001 Ricoh Industrial de Mexico certified to ISO 9001:2000.
September 2001 Office Machine Group begins shipping the Model J (Jupiter) color laser printer.
September 2001 Georgia plant certified to ISO9001:2000.
September 2001 All Office Machine Group divisions win Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) Award.
August 2001 Started Configure to Order (Model J) production in Tustin.
March 2001 Ricoh Industrial de Mexico facilities achieve zero waste to landfill.
February 2001 Irvine #1 and Tustin facilities achieve zero waste to landfill.
January 2001 Irvine #2 and Santa Ana facilities achieve zero waste to landfill.
December 2000 Georgia facility achieves zero waste to landfill.
April 2000 Office Machine Group production of eCabinet begins.
March 2000 Ricoh Industrial de Mexico first issued ISO 14001 certification.

1990 to 1999

September 1999 Georgia plant first issued ISO 14001 certification
April 1999 Tonermex changes its name to Ricoh Industrial de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
April 1999 Special Products Division officially formed and moves from Fountain Valley to Tustin #2.
March 1999 First production 25 units of Secure Fax SFX4800MD.
January 1999 Supply Products Group first issued ISO 14001 certification
December 1998 G-toner business ceases.
September 1998 Georgia plant's toner building #2 grand opening.
August 1998 Disc Media Group celebrated production of its 25millionth disc. The 25 millionth disc was manufactured on July 17, 1998.
July 1998 25th anniversary business event.
April 1998 Groundbreaking for the new Tustin #2 expansion.
March 1998 Sorter/large capacity tray line transferred from Tustin #1 to Irvine #1.
February 1998 Office Machine Group first issued ISO 14001 certification.
April 1997 Drum operation closes.
January 1997 Tonermex acquired.
October 1996 Disc Media Group formed. Georgia expansion - grand opening.
August 1996 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. starts re-manufacturing copiers at Fountain Valley.
July 1996 CD-R grand opening ceremony.
May 1996 Georgia plant expansion - building turnover ceremony.
April 1996 Fountain Valley building leased.
July 1995 Sorter/large capacity tray assembly lines move to Irvine #2.
June 1995 Georgia plant breaks ground for expansion project.
March 1995 Office Machine Group celebrates half-millionth copier milestone.
November 1994 Georgia plant earns ISO 9002 registration.
April 1994 Supply Products Group - Imaging Materials Business Group earns ISO 9002 registration.
December 1993 Supply Products Group - Thermal Media Business Group earns ISO 9002 registration.
April 1993 Office Machine Group earns ISO 9002 registration.
January 1993 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. celebrates 20 years of manufacturing in the U.S.A.
March 1992 Started large capacity tray production in Tustin.
January 1992 Moved sorter production to Tustin. Started using environmentally-sensitive water-jet cleaning system for SE drum cleaning process in Irvine.
December 1991 Started HF toner production.
April 1991 Started production of segment 4, 52 CPM copier (FT6750) in Tustin. Stopped wire harness production at Irvine plant.
January 1991 Stopped facsimile machine production at Irvine plant.
October 1990 Grand opening ceremony at Georgia plant. Started using environmentally-sensitive powder-coating paint facility in Irvine.
June 1990 Started production of toner, developer and toner cartridges at Georgia plant.
March 1990 Started production of segment 4, 50 CPM copier (FT5590 & FT6620).

1973 to 1989

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. purchased 67.5 acres in Gwinnett County, Georgia, to be developed into a toner production facility.
April 1989 Broke ground on new manufacturing facility site in Gwinnett County, GA.
December 1988 Started mass production of printed circuit boards.
November 1988 Started trial production of printed circuit boards in Tustin.
June 1988 Moved Ricoh Electronics headquarters and plain paper copier production to Tustin. Integrated thermal paper production system implemented in Santa Ana facility.
May 1988
January 1988 Ricoh Electronics, Inc. celebrated 15 years of manufacturing in Orange County, Calif.
October 1987 Acquired facilities for third manufacturing plant in Tustin, Calif.
April 1987 Ricoh Corporation acquired outstanding shares of Ricoh Electronics, Inc.'s stock.
September 1986 Started punch press and molded parts production in Irvine.
April 1986 Started facsimile production in Irvine.
July 1985 Started sorter production in Irvine. Completed construction of new Santa Ana headquarters and started thermal paper production at Santa Ana site.
April 1984 Started automatic document feeder production (for Savin) in Irvine.
March 1984 Started "Type F" SE drum production.
November 1983 Started in-house machining for SE drum cores in Irvine.
August 1983 Started developer production in Santa Ana.
January 1983 Started dry toner production in Santa Ana.
April 1982 Started multi-strike (M/S) ribbon production in Santa Ana.
July 1981 Started toner bottle production in Santa Ana.
April 1981 Started wire harness production in Irvine.
May 1980 Started "Type H" SE drum production.
April 1980 Plain paper copier production hits 100,000 unit mark.
December 1979 Opened second Orange County facility in Santa Ana, Calif. and started liquid toner production.
December 1978 Plain paper copier production tops 50,000 units.
November 1978 Started manufacturing selenium (SE) drums in Irvine.
June 1977 Plain paper copier production reaches 10,000 units. Started using U.S. made packing materials.
June 1976 Started plain paper copier production. Stopped producing electronic desktop calculator and cash registers.
January 1973 Established as an electronic desk top calculator and cash register manufacturing plant in Irvine, Calif.

Standards Certifications


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