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Supply Chain Partnership: Production Components

Production Components

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. is one of 404 domestic and overseas companies which comprise Ricoh Company, Ltd., a $14 billion global corporation and a leading supplier of advanced office automation equipment. We produce highly-advanced digital copiers, peripherals, printed circuit boards, Secure Fax machines, eCabinets, thermal media, toner, parts, remanufactured copiers, remanufactured toner cartridges, and customer-configured products at our facilities in Orange County, California; Lawrenceville, Georgia; and Toluca, Mexico.

Since the founding of Ricoh Electronics, Inc. in Orange County, California, in 1973, we have faithfully upheld our commitment to quality and excellence while experiencing impressive growth in the array of products and services we provide. Our 1,219 employees are dedicated to meeting the challenges associated with this tremendous growth and achieving our vision.


Welcome to Ricoh Electronics Inc. (REI), California Operations Group (COG)

A Guide for Suppliers on how to do business with Ricoh Electronics, Inc., COG

The information contained on this section is for the benefit of our suppliers. It is to assist you in understanding what our policies and objectives are so that it will make it easier to conduct business with Ricoh Electronics, Inc., COG.

Our Purchasing philosophy is to award business to those suppliers who help us achieve our business objectives. We aim for long term relationships that are profitable to both buyer and seller. Suppliers will continue to receive our business as long as they remain competitive and follow the required policies and procedures.

Supplier Information Needed

All new suppliers should submit basic information about their companies and their sales policies. Any policy in conflict with the policies stated in this section should be brought to the Buyer's attention before accepting any business so that misunderstandings can be avoided. The minimal information required is as follows:

- A description of facilities and equipment.
- A description of products or services offered.
- The date the company was established. The company structure (public or private company, proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) and the name of the parent company.
- Annual sales volume of the company and number of employees.
- Names and titles of company executives and local management and contacts (phone numbers, FAX numbers, e-mail address)
- Current customer references with names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Needed Supplier Qualifications

In general, suppliers to our company should have the products or services we need and be able to deliver them on time. They need to have the facilities and know-how to provide the proper quality product or service ordered. Suppliers manufacturing parts to our specifications need to be surveyed and obtain an "Approved Subcontractor" status prior to receiving a Purchase Order.

Buyer Availability

The Purchasing department operates by appointment from Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM. Special arrangements may be granted for sellers from out of town providing the Buyer has sufficient time. In no case should a sales person be kept waiting for an extended period of time without an explanation of how long the wait will be.

Business Conduct

All business will be conducted in a legal and ethical manner. This organization subscribes to the Code of Ethical Conduct of the American Purchasing Society. No supplier should offer nor should any Buyer accept gratuities.


All suppliers are required to keep all competitive information about our company's organization, plans, and products confidential. If you happen to sell to our competitors, all information about what we do or the fact we buy from you must be kept confidential unless written authorization to disclose such information is obtained from the Ricoh Electronics, Inc., COG.

Bid Policy

When bids or quotes are requested, the business will be placed with the most competitive source and that will be measured in terms of total cost including price, quality level, delivery requirements, transportation costs and any other cost. The risk of supplier failure will be considered before awarding the order to any supplier.

Term and Conditions

Minimal business payment terms are normally Net 30 and except for unusual circumstances we do not wish to do business with less favorable terms to us. Extended payment terms and payment discounts will be included in measuring the total purchase cost. Terms agreed to by the Buyer and the seller should be correctly shown on all invoices. Other preprinted terms are not acceptable and should be deleted by the seller.

Sales Contracts

Suppliers are expected to work through and with Purchasing. Prior clearance should be obtained from Purchasing before discussions or correspondence with non-purchasing personnel. When approval is given to make such contacts, a copy of all correspondence should be sent to Purchasing and a report should be made to Purchasing about any meetings or discussions held.

Authorized Buyers

Only authorized Buyers are permitted to issue Purchase Orders and no shipments should be made or services performed without a properly authorized Purchase Order or Purchase Agreement. Suppliers should not accept any revision to an order or agreement except from an authorized Buyer.

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