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Information Security Management System

Standards Certifications


Information Security Management System

Ricoh Group, as a citizen in the global information society, contributes toward useful information exchange. Recognizing the value of all information assets including those of our customers, Ricoh Group will establish an information security management system in order to maintain the trust and confidence of all stakeholders. Based on this management system, Ricoh will maintain and enhance its corporate ethics efforts concerning legal compliance, and will further ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of our role in the information society.

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. operates an information security management system which complies with the requirements of Ricoh Group Information Security Management System - System Compliant Organization (ISMS-SCO).

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. Security Statement (Policy)

As an active member in the global information society, Ricoh Electronics must promote the effective use of information in our business practices. To ensure the accuracy and protection of information used, we must recognize the importance of securing information assets against potential threats as well as comply with relevant security laws, regulations, and international standards.

We have established information security company-wide according to our business strategy and our role in the Ricoh supply chain. Critical to Ricoh Electronic’s success, establishing information security measures maximizes value to our customers globally and promotes trust from society at large

1. To continuously succeed in business and secure our customer's trust, we must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of key information assets.

2. We honor customer's contracts and follow high ethical standards while complying with laws and regulations regarding information security.

3. We have implemented specific security measures while establishing an information security management system. We have targeted sensitive personal, customer-generated, and competitive-related information.

4. All employees using and handling information assets must recognize the critical importance of information security and are required to comply with the company's security standards and procedures.

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