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Environmental Technology Development

Strength Tests of Products and Packaging Material

Even though packaging materials with little or no environmental burden have been developed and packaging simplified, it is important to ensure that the products themselves are strong enough to prevent damage during shipping. Based on Ricoh Electronics' recyclable design policies, product strength tests are mandatory. The evaluation tests for this purpose are implemented at Ricoh Electronics Inc. California's P.R.E.

Laboratory (product resistance evaluation laboratory) equipped with the latest test devices such as horizontal shock tester and vibration tester. Ricoh Electronics' P.R.E. Laboratory is one of the few manufacturing facilities to have been officially recognized by the ISTA (International Safe Transit Association). Measurements obtained here are internationally recognized.


In the past, the packaging of copiers, etc. was made of composite materials such as wood, cardboard, styrene foam, etc., and was therefore difficult to disassemble and sort, so most of the disposed material was either burnt or buried. Eco-Packages no longer use these composite materials and are instead made of easy to disassemble and sort 98% recyclable materials composed mainly of cardboard.

Recovery and Recycling of Copier Toner Cartridges

Ricoh Electronics Inc. has been recovering and recycling used toner cartridges from copiers, etc.. It plans to continue the recovery and recycling of used toner cartridges for all products sold in the United States.

While full-scale recovery of all products, including used cartridges, started 1998, Ricoh's positive efforts on product recovery and recycling began even earlier. Today, a recovery and recycling system is being established for used cartridges both in Japan and overseas. Moreover, simulations to achieve cost-effective recycling of toner magazines for certain products (Type A) have been carried out with good results.

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