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Resource Conservation and Recycling Concepts


As the age of mass production, mass disposal, and mass recycling draws to an end, an age that values the maximum use of minimum resources is drawing. To achieve the "Minimum Resource Plant" which produces maximum effects with minimum resources, the Ricoh Group is striving to conserve resources in principle by using purchasing resources effectively and without waste. Ricoh promotes a strict recycling systems and also values electrical energy and water as resources and is striving to minimize use of these resources.

The 5R's for realizing Zero Waste to Landfill Plants

REFUSE- Avoid buying anything that becomes a waste.

Minimum use of resources is encouraged by both Ricoh and our suppliers. These efforts are based on the awareness that what is being sold is the product and function and not the container and packaging.

RETURN- What can be returned to suppliers

Ricoh's Supply Products Group are working with their suppliers to whenever possible, deliver raw materials in returnable containers that can be sent back to the supplier.

REUSE- Anything that can be reused.

Toner cartridge are returned from the customer are disassembled and parts are reused in manufacturing new cartridges.

REDUCE- Waste when mixed, resource when sorted.

In order to increase the resource recovery rate, Ricoh is promoting careful sorting of waste and reduction of waste itself. AT all office areas and production sites, careful sorting of waste is now practiced.

RECYCLE- Everything.

In order to reuse waste discarded from Ricoh operations as resources, Ricoh is investigating resource recovery technologies and forming networks with recycling companies. Resource recovery consists of such methods as "materials recycling" which reuses a materials as the same materials again, "chemical recycling" which reuses a materials after changing it chemically, and "energy recovery" which recovers energy by burning the materials.


Ricoh's concept of zero waste to landfill facility is to eliminate the land disposal of general and industrial waste from our office areas and manufacturing operations. This is being accomplished by using this basic approach:

Identify waste types / Collect data

- Purchasing Records

- Observe and Record Facility Operations

- Examine Dumpster Content

- Identify waste types / Collect data

- Disposal Records

- Waste Sorting

Waste Reduction Activities

- On site Reuse

- Purchase Reusable Goods

- Improve Yields

- Process Improvements

Divert Waste from Land Disposal

- Recycle Vendors

- On site Recycling

- Composting

- Energy Recovery


Ricoh Electronics, Inc. has made significant progress in realizing our Zero Waste to Landfill goal.....


Environment - Resource Conservation Activities

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