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Green Procurement

Green Procurement

Ricoh Electronics recognizes environmental conservation as one of the most important missions given to mankind and to this end we have strived to be an environmentally friendly enterprise.

Ricoh Policy

As testament to this view all manufacturing facilities and groups within Ricoh Electronics have obtained certification under ISO 14001 since 1997. Each site has created Environmental Action Plans and work to continually improve our activities, products and services in line with these plans.

Although control of our internal systems is important, we also recognize that our suppliers have an important role in reducing the environmental burden throughout our products life cycle.

In recognition of this we are planning to obtain our components and materials from suppliers who have, or will have, obtained certification under ISO 14001(or equivalent), or will have actively striven for environmental conservation by following the Ricoh Electronics Green Procurement System.

From this point in time Ricoh Electronics will be requesting all new suppliers to be conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner.

We look to our suppliers to voluntarily understand and address their environmental activities and work with us achieve our environmental targets. We intend to work with you to address all issues (quality, environmental, technical and commercial) with a view to improvement activities, in order to achieve long-standing partnerships with our suppliers.

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